We design and deliver experiential workshops, masterclasses, continuous educational courses and retreat programmes. We research, curate and develop new methodology frameworks and training curricula, combining creative, collaborative and innovative (entrepreneurial) components.



Why are we called ‘hip’ academy?

Hip is a slang term sometimes defined as fashionably current, and in the know. It has also been defined as “an attitude, a stance” in opposition to the “unfree world”, or to what is square, or prude. Hip, like cool, does not refer to one specific quality. What is considered hip is continuously changing.


Our 3 core activities.

designing knowledge exchange initiatives

We work with entrepreneurial communities, established brands, trade associations, local municipalities, public organisations, academia and media to identify and design educational events, activities and projects that are helping to facilitate debates, share best practices and support creative collaborations.


training programmes focused on creative, innovative and collaborative business practices

We offer curated programmes, such as workshops, masterclasses, networking events, industry visits, mini-conferences, retreats or academic courses. Our current content focus is on developing creative, innovative and collaborative (co-creation) potential for professionals and organisations.

consulting on new skills, creative entrepreneurship, and employability

We work with the industry and entrepreneurial community to help academic institutions update their curricula and extra-curricular activities to reflect new societal, professional and industry trends and expectations.


We have the thorough know-how.


We have an initial conversation with a start-up, established company, university department, or freelancers to find out and discuss their collaborative and innovation needs.

connecting dots

We mix tools to come up with the most suitable solution, relying on research, strategy design, our know-how, and wide professional networks.


This is the most action-packed part (for us)! We find and train programme partners, decide on the venues, tools, brand partnerships, digital media strategy and anything else that is vital to a successful programme or project delivery.


This is the most rewarding part (for all)! We facilitate training programmes, masterclasses, or consulting workshops, guaranteeing high content quality, performance, and participant engagement.


We know place matters.

We recognise that specialised training requires a special environment where one can inspire and get inspired. Therefore, we carefully select our training locations, which might include clients’ funky offices, entrepreneurial hubs, private membership clubs, a concept hotel space, or a newly designed university learning centre. If the weather is good, we move outdoors.

Part of our methodology is to do things in an interdisciplinary manner, therefore we mix different start-ups and companies and invite them to share their working spaces across different sectors, industries, and cities! Because we want to take you out of your usual environment to spend a great time learning and exchanging knowledge in fantastic locations across London and Europe. Through this method, we are also providing opportunities for more organic connections between current and potential partners.

We work with architects, urban developers, hospitality and location experts to create a unique ‘movable’ learning experience.

We have been developing and delivering programmes in London, Rotterdam, Bratislava, Trnava, Prague, Karlovy Vary and Lucca (upcoming summer retreat in Tuscany). We always welcome new ideas and collaborations, please drop us a note at contact@hip.academy.



Daniela Bartos, founder

This is a passion project of Daniela Bartos. Six years ago, she founded London based Hip.Academy, a project dedicated to designing and delivering innovative experiential programmes for (mostly creative) industry professionals. Daniela is an accredited educational programme specialist, holding a BA and MA degree in continuing education science (alongside her second MA degree in communication science), won several leadership scholarships and has had a successful career in the media and communication field. Daniela has worked, internationally, as a political journalist, media analyst, consultant, editor, and academic. Mostly based in London, she has lived and worked in eight countries and travels (usually for a purpose) extensively. She is currently finalizing a PhD research at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Erasmus University in Rotterdam